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Victorian Flower Language was used widely to convey unspoken messages. A thought to open up dinner conversations when guests compliment your beautiful Antique China! Isn't the age of Impressionism and French art interesting!

The Oval Office of the White House uses Antique China as Art - Art is Bi-Partisan!

Dinner for 10 with Anemone Charles Haviland Limoges

Plates - Set of 6 Ornate, Gold Encrusted, 6 Border Plates
Plates - Set of 8 - Schleiger 815 - Large Rose Art Pattern
Schleiger 485 Plate
Hand Painted Fish Set
12 Cobalt & Gold Dinner Plates
6 French Blue Plates
8 Small Drop Rose, Schleiger 497
8 Large Rose Art Pattern, Schleiger 815

10 Dinner Plate Set Anemone

Charles Field Haviland, Large Rose, Jewel tone border


Unused Set of 12 Cups & Saucers, Schleiger 320


Schleiger 157, Purple Violet, Wood Fern


Japonisme Tea Set Haviland, Limoges

Individual Tea Set, Haviland 31610

Salesman's Sample Waste Bowl. Tea for Two. 16859 Schleiger 656


Large Rose Fruit Bowls, St. Germaine, Schleiger 133

2 - Blue Serving Bowls, Reticulated & Fluted - Haviland, Limoges

Rare, Red Imperial Bowls

Haviland Cobalt Display Bowl

Footed Comport or Bowl Haviland Limoges


Tea & Toast Set
Jardiniere or Cachepot - Footed
Rare Red China, Cream & Sugar, Marked with Original Haviland Number
Haviland Salesman's Sample, Covered in Hand Painted Gold
Covered 3 Piece Butter Set - Sch 146 - Old Apple Blossom
Haviland Limoges Rare Purple Trivet ~ Violets
Chafing Dish, Charles Haviland, Margaret Head 88, Daisies, Oven to Table
Schleiger 144, Small Punch Bowl
Tressemanes & Vogt ~ 3 Handled Vase ~ Blank

Salesman's Sample - Waste Bowl

Haviland Limoges Lidded Box, Signed by Haviland artist, Rare Mark

Master Salt - art blends with most Haviland patterns


Lady's Lidded Box, Rare, Rare Mark

Rare Red China, Cream & Sugar, Marked with Original Haviland Number
Haviland Salesman's Sample, Covered in Hand Painted Gold

Charles Field Haviland Large Rose Platter, Rare Ribbon Mark

Rare Table Accessory Salesman's Sample Waste Bowl - 16859 - Schleger 656


Large Rose, Fruit Bowls, Schleiger 133, St. Germaine


Lady's Lidded Box, Haviland artist, Rare, Rare Mark

Master Salt - Haviland colors that blend

Charles Field Haviland Large Rose Platter
Schleiger 485, plate

Victorian Powder Box, signed by Haviland Trained Artist
Schleiger 144, Small Punch Bowl
Tressemanes & Vogt Vase - 3 handled - Blank


2 Serving Bowls Reticulated and Fluted Haviland, Limoges

Haviland Tea Set for 2, rare identification 31610

Japonisme Tea or Coffee Set with cups & saucers Charles Field Haviland Limoges

Salad Plates, Thistles! Schleiger 235 Haviland Limoges

Haviland Cobalt Display Bowl Haviland Limoges

Set of 4 - St. Germain Large Rose Fruit Bowls Haviland Limoges

Footed Comport or Bowl Haviland

Dinner for 10 with lush Anemones


This China Recently Sold

Finger Bowls & Friendliness - Guide to brush up on those utensils!

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RARE COBALT or Bleu de Four, Blue

Set of 12 Cobalt Dinner Plates

Haviland Cobalt Bowl

2 Serving Bowls - Reticulated & Fluted - Haviland, Limoges

Footed Comport or Bowl Haviland, Limoges


Rare, Red Imperial Bowls

32454 Haviland marked Red Creamer & Sugar


6 Violet Plates and Matching Fish Platter

6 Vivid Violets and Lush Foliage Plates - Porcelain Medallion Mark

Schleiger 157 Tureen

Violet Trivet


6 Borders of Intricate, Hand Painted Gold - Perfect for Christmas

Tea & Toast Set

Set of 9 Perfect Salad Plates - Wild Greens! Schleiger 235

Schleiger 485, Plate

Haviland Limoges Rare Mark Powder Box


6 French Blue, Very, Very Ornate Plates with Platter

Serving Bowls, Gorgeous - 2

Bleu de Four Display Bowl - Superlative


Salesman Sample, Hand Painted Gold Encrusted Pompadour Tureen

Saleman's Sample Haviland Waste Bowl Tea for Two. Schleiger 656, Number 16859, Rare Mark as Well.

Charles Field Haviland Chafing Dish - Oven to Table, Daisies


Beautiful Rose, Fruit Bowls, St. Germaine, Schleiger 133

Rosebuds, Master Salt

Charles Field Haviland Large Rose Rare Mark Platter

Schleiger 320, Pink Rose Teacups

Schleiger 497 Luncheon Set

Schleiger 146, 3 Piece Butter

Schleiger 321, 12 unused cups & saucers

Schleiger 144, Small Punch Bowl

Haviland 31610 Individual Tea Service

Haviland Limoges Powder Box, Rare Mark

Dinner Set for 10, Beautiful Anemone

Lady's Lidded Box, Rare, Rare Mark


Tea & Toast Set


Japonisme Limoges Tea Service


6 Violet Plates and Matching Fish Platter


Charles Field Haviland Rare Mark Platter

Schleiger 815, Set of 8


Set of 4, Large Rose St. Germain, Schleiger 133 Fruit Bowls


3 Handled Vase ~ Tressemanes & Vogt Limoges

Are You a Unique Gift Giver? A Gift from the Heart

Unique, Antique Gifts Become Heirlooms ~

When I married, we certainly enjoyed receiving our wedding china & the other items we selected. Some of our more cherished items, years later, are the gifts carefully chosen, just for us. Some heirlooms are not only beautiful to look at, but heartwarming as well.

Choose by piece - plates, cups, tureens - in our Directory

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Antiques from Turtle Rock loves adding to the heirloom set from the grandparents or great-grandparents, be it looking for the set itself or making a modern splash by adding pieces like a new salad set that blend like a beautiful oriental rug. Repeating different patterns, in like colors, are fabulous. And entertaining to the guests!

Please enjoy looking through our items; you can choose our directory by the type of pieces searched for or by color preference. If you have any questions,we are an email away & look forward to hearing from you!

~ Beauty - the Pursuit's so Interesting ~

Collecting Limoges china is joyful because the French art is magnificent. Acres of beautiful china to enjoy! This abundance comes from the hardest, most pristine clay in the world - durability! The creativity of the art world during the Impressionist area was very special indeed.

If you are interested in more information on the development of Haviland, we are top ebay guides. Link

Salesman's Sample Tea for Two


This is a rare Haviland Limoges Salesman's Sample. It is a rare Marseille shape. I listed it first as a sugar bowl and was emailed from Haviland International members that it is fact a waste bowl for a Tea Set. So this is really a sale for a rare Salesman's Sample.

Salesman's Samples are interesting. When Theodore Haviland started selling to America, he was a complete hit. He discovered American's liked variation. So the Sample's not only displayed the beautiful botanical quality of the art, but the variations of shape, color of the flowers, and the hand painted gold, but it fed the curiosity of the buyers for the variations.

This item is really a Saleman's Sample and currently the Salesman's Samples bring $500 retail for a usual table item - like a plate or cup.

This waste bowl is a rare table item. Meaning it is not the usual plate or cup.

Marks: The items in this sale represent an ensemble of variation. Two tea cups Marked H&Co L France - Mark H c. 1888 year. The 2nd mark is a decorator mark and indicates it was manufactured for S.R. James. The cups are on the Schleiger blank I.C.S. - B, from Book V of Arlene Schleiger, page 8. The cup's gold trim is Schleiger Gold Trim 26.

And the small tray is marked with two marks. It is also Mark H. Mark C from 1889. Indicating the cups and tray are 122 years old. The gold trim on the tray is very elaborate and hand painted. The closest mark to the gold trim was Schleiger 833, please see the close-up of the trim on the tray. It is beautiful.

The Salesman's Sample is clearly photographed. Mark I - 1894. 117 years. With a Rare Mark as well, imprinted by Number 4 indicating it has some hand painting. When Haviland stamps a number into the clay, a Haviland Factory Artist was used on the piece. It indicates the Marseille shape of the piece as well, with the imprinted swirls. The piece uses more gray shadowing, more brown in the outlines - shows more variation than the other pieces. The gold trim is Schleiger 20.

The Condition of the Items: Very, Very Good Antique Condition. There is only very, very minimal wear to the gold. I'd give the condition an A grade.

Price of this collection, displaying the sales power of Haviland variation - $410 USD.


Reticulated & Fluted Blue Poppy Serving Bowls - 2 - Haviland, Limoges

Bring Panache to your own serving table or your next covered dish. French Haviland Limoges adds unique presentation to your abilities.

$75 USD for two bowls.

Collectors look for the cut-work of Reticulated plates, these are more difficult to find, not many were made. This set is a Reticulated Serving Bowl with a Fluted companion bowl.

Condition: Antique Very Good. The only thing that sets it away from total perfection would be the patina worn into the gold on the Reticulated Bowl. The Fluted Bowl was not ever used. Beautiful intact Laurel wreath for the fluted bowl.

Markings: two, both from the 1897 era and from Haviland Company in Limoges, France. Mark 10 includes both marks. Approximate age is 113 years old.

I took a Haviland bowl with cut fruit and evergreen leaves (from my yard) as garnish to a covered brunch. There were a lot of dishes and the hostess remarked how beautiful my dish was and placed this at the front of the table.

Edwardians and Victorians loved the flower language, these flowers are Himalayan Blue Poppies, which is imagination. It must be imagination the buds are painted like roses!

Thank you for looking!

Life! Liberty! Freedom! And Antique China for All!

Just as beauty is one of the rare things that do not lead to doubt of God, Antique Limoges lends it self to Bi-Partisan Politics.

Looks like President Lincoln likes Antique China, he hangs with it.

And the last guy in the White House liked it too....

Antique China as art to inspire you....